Kitchen Islands With Seating – Elegance and Efficiency In One

Stylish and Convenient, Kitchen Islands With Seating

Kitchen islands with seating are a work of art due to their unerring versatility and functionality. Homeowners are very much aware that a kitchen island is a must-have that is why more and more households opt for such type of furniture. In fact according to surveys, in the United States alone, over 50 percent of households have kitchen islands in their home.

Kitchen Islands With Seating – Efficiency And Elegance In One

The good thing about today’s modern age is the fact that homeowners can choose from different material options and styles of kitchen islands. You may opt for an ultramodern and sleek island with metal cylindrical legs. Other islands are built with the use of a high quality wooden top.

A kitchen island with seating can be used for different purposes. It can be a homework table, a dinner or breakfast table, a bar for mixing your favorite drinks, a coffee table, a table for preparing meals, etc. It serves as a focal point in every kitchen. It also adds work space and a wonderful gathering area for the whole family. An island is also a pleasant centerpiece for guests to gather around.

Essential Facts You Should Know About Kitchen Islands With Seating

Before you decide to have a worktable island in your kitchen, keep in mind that there are important things which need to be considered in order to come up with the most stylish and functional kitchen island.

1. Consider Its Purpose or Function – Kitchen islands can play different roles in the kitchen. With this, it is very important to consider your reasons for placing it. If it is for food preparation, it is wise to install a small sink, at least 9-inch deep, in order
to avoid splashing. Keep in mind that an island is also a perfect solution if you want ample space for your appliances. Any island can have a cooktop, microwave, or a small refrigerator.

2. The Size Matters – The height of the kitchen island must be considered all the time. For instance, if you are planning to use it in preparing food, then it must be a 36-inch work counter. On the other hand, a kitchen island intended for casual dining must be 42-inch high. In addition, you have to choose seats that are suitable to the height of the island which meant there should be an ample amount of knee space (about 12 inches at least).

3. The Right Location Is Important Too – Remember that an island can direct traffic into and out of particular places in the kitchen. With this, it is very essential to consider placing it at the most suitable location. Moreover, its shape is also an important thing to consider. Whether you want to opt for a circular, oval, or rectangular island, make sure to choose the right shape.

Kitchen islands with seating can be used as the center for different family activities. By choosing the best kitchen island, it will certainly upgrade the look of your kitchen and your home, in general. It is a multitasking unit which you and your family can use for many years to come.

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Kitchen Islands with Seating

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